10 Great Video Tutorials on Creating a WordPress Site

10 Great Video Tutorials on Creating a WordPress Site

There are so many great videos on Youtube, it's hard to know where to begin. So, to help, here are ten great video tutorials for WordPress demonstrating how easy it is to install and use. WordPress started as a blogging software, and has expanded to do many more things, as you'll see in the following videos. Because WordPress is so easy to use, you may see a lot of overlap in the videos.

1. Properly Make A Website With WordPress | Step-By-Step Video Training

- By: James Stafford
Summary: Aimed at business owners and entrepreneurs, this video shows how to make a web site using WordPress and other free tools. This one-hour video is conveniently broken up into chapters but is still one video, thanks to some smart YouTube tools by Mr. Stafford. Stafford covers proper setup, hosting, installation, plugins, and theme setup. Stafford uses HostGator as his hosting example.

2. Top 10 Wordpress Plugins 2012 | Best Wordpress Blog Plugins

- By: Dean Ethridge
Summary: Dean Ethridge lists his top ten WordPress plugins and what he likes about them. He recommends Akismet to stop SPAM, All-in-one SEO, SEOPressor, Cevher Share to share on social media, SexyBookmarks, Ultimate Follow Me, TubePress, ContactForm, and Total Cache. The video shows what each plugin does and how best to use iy. Mr. Ethridge keeps up to date on his comment thread. One user noticed that SEOPressor is no more, and suggested Yoast, another free plugin.

3. Beginner WordPress Tutorial (Step By Step)

- By: Tyler Moore
Summary: An exhaustive guide to wordpress for complete beginners, with no technical jargon or code at all. He starts off with a quick summary of about how much it will cost you to register and host your web site, and what elements are free, which is between $20-60 to start. He uses HostGator as his example.

4. How to Make an Online Store (Step by Step Guide)

- By: Case Bilbreath
Summary: This video focuses on how to make an online store/ecommerce web site. Using shoes as anexample, Mr. Bilbreath explains the mechanics of how to make an online store. Specifically, he shows how to make pictures, how to zoom pictures, how to put items on sale, how to add recent products to a homepage, and how to add a cover image and logo.

5. WordPress: Installation

- By: Matt Saunders
Summary: This short video covers the WordPress installation. More specifically, it covers the differences between WordPress and WordPress.org, and how to install WAMP, which means installing WordPress on your local machine.

6. Beginners Guide to Starting a Self Hosted WordPress Site in 2013

- By: Upload WP
Summary: This is a beginner's guide to starting a self-hosted WordPress site. Are Adam from UploadWP.com leads this tutorial for beginners to make a web site. Using a boat rental site as a template, Adam shows tricks on how to save money registering, and how to make a web site from start to finish. This video uses GoDaddy to register and host the website.

7. WordPress Crash Course Video 1 - WP Basics

- By: Alex Shawn
Summary: Dubbed as a WordPress Crash Course, this video covers WordPress in extensive detail. It starts with an explanation of what WordPress is, explains myths and facts about WordPress, and details how to make a web site using WordPress. There are several similar videos, some over three hours long, which still are called “Crash Course.”

8. Create WordPress mobile app in 15 minutes IOS and ANDROID

- By: Linh Đăng
Summary: This hidden gem explains how to make a WordPress mobile app for Android. Using the WordPress App Maker plugin, you can generate an Android App, customize its look and feel, and adjust other propeties, like colors, background, launcher icons, splash screen, and much more.

9. Wordpress Mobile Pro - WP Mobile Pro Plugin for Wordpress

- By: Jason Fladlien
Summary: This video explains how to use WordPress Mobile Pro plugin.

10. Creating a Mobile WordPress Site

- By: Kentuckyclassroom
Summary: Using a program called WP touch, the narrator explains how to make a WordPress site that is optimized for mobile devices. In about five minutes, you can use this free plugin to make a web site with the proper aspect ratio and larger pictures. The narrator also listes some of the advantages of the Pro version of this plugin, but he shows what you can do with the free version.

WordPress is a wonderful open-source tool to make web sites quickly and easily, and the best part is that you don't need to know any code in order to make a great web site for free. By following step-by-step instructions like those listed in these videos, you can make your web site pop, and start getting those hits.