About Us

BestWebHosting.ca is a one stop for any and all aspects of the Web Hosting needs specifically in Canada. Through an array of web hosting comparisons, real consumer reviews and unique and informative blogs, the site serves as an extensive guide for all types of web hosting solutions.

Our team actively engages every niche and corner of the hosting industry on a regular basis. In doing so, they are able to create extensive hands-on comparisons, web host analysis, and engaging content. Though content is important, we also do our best to engage visitors on a number of other levels, too. To do this, we utilize a highly intuitive layout to create visually appealing and immersive aspects for web host consumers.

Additionally, unlike many other directory-type sites, BWH is NOT affiliated with any hosting company. However, the site is a business and therefore does require compensation to maintain operational capacity. As such, we do receive some compensation from web host providers; however, this does not influence or inform our content in any way. The content we provide is conceived and prepared by real industry experts and professionals. Additionally, we also offer real consumer reviews, providing all users with a place to voice their unadulterated experiences and opinions. With a level of expertise and authenticity that is unparalleled, visitors can be sure that they are always receiving the most reliable information.

Ultimately, our goal is to educate and guide individuals in making the best decision for his or her website needs. In doing so, we update our site regularly. This means that you’re always viewing the most up to date comparison guides. Additionally, we independently test all services to accurately evaluate performance factors. This is also done regularly to ensure the utmost validity.